Rhodes Cemetery

Saint Francis Chapel and Columbarium

St. Elizabeth Columbarium

to:             Whom It may Concern
from:     Permian Basin Genealogical Society
subject:      Permian Basin Genealogical Society - Cemetery Project
Permian Basin Genealogical Society - Cemetery Project
What it is - Documenting the graves of Ector County and surrounding area
Info that could be found in project -
Name, DOB, DOD, Cemetery, SEC Space Lot, (in future Marker PIC), Funeral home that handled serv.
A book would be placed in our library with additions added once a year. Map of cemetery when available
 Also info would be on the Permian Basin Genealogical Society web page http://www.permiangen.org/pbgens-cemetery-project.html.
Our goal is to get every grave in every cemetery in the Permian Basin online to help preserve the graves as well as to, help others in their research, help those who cannot or are unable to visit these cemeteries themselves.
With so many cemeteries getting and being obsolete and/or endangered, and with so many headstones being weathered, broken, stolen, vandalized, etc. etc. We would like to preserve them as well as the newer cemeteries and headstones for the present and future genealogists and family members and to honor the memories of ours and your loved ones. This info is for those looking for loved ones to be able to find them. Also for genealogy research for those that may not live in the area to know where the ancestor may be located and find more records. This also Documents the history of our area, sowing average life spans where a populations were and have moved.
The list of cemeteries documented and/or working in conjunction with Permian Basin Genealogical Society to document the graves. 
Graves on Privet Property:  Barnsley, Brown, Henderson, Jeffrey, ROBERTSON Burial Site, Waddell, Westfall, Whittenburg, Chinese 1881 R.R. Graves at Penwell TX
More to come hopefully..